Have you had enough of the North-East winters?  Did the Florida hurricanes just become too much?  Did you see the beautiful California weather on the TV and decide that is where I want to go?  Or were you fortunate enough to have a job relocate you to the area?  Or are you just coming home?

Whatever the reason for you move to Southern California, WELCOME.

McBride & Associates offers concierge services at NO COST to our clients as part of our outstanding service commitment to our clients and their families.  During your relocation to the area we can even become your personal assistant for Southern California.

Do you want to know the favorite dining establishments?  Where the comfortable, clean and accommodating lodging is located?   Do you want to know where local hiking and other activities are?  These are only a few of the items we would love to help you arrange.  We take pride in our lifestyle and want our out of area guests to enjoy their visit while searching for that perfect property to make their own.

Just give us a call today and we will gladly handle all the details of arranging your visit @ 909-235-8175

Here is a list of things McBride & Associates can take care of for you during your relocation to the area:

1. When you reach out to our team, we will set up a worry-free consultation that works with your schedule, on your time. We understand that you are busy and if coming from outside the area you may also be on a different time-zone so we will work hard for you throughout the process on your time, freeing you up to focus on the other important aspects of your life.

2. If you are moving to an area of Southern California that we directly service, we will personally do the leg work for you. Through our concierge service, we will view the homes on your behalf and send you live video tours of homes that meet your requirements.  We help you narrow down the list of potential homes for you so you do not feel overwhelmed by too many choices.

When you are ready to visit the area to look at homes we can also arrange:

  • Recommendations and assistance in reserving lodging accommodations
  • Recommendations and assistance in booking dining reservations
  • Recommendations and assistance for historical venues and recreational facilities
  • Assistance in car rental
  • Personalized and accompanied tour of the area and specific residential areas of interest.

3. If you haven’t already meet with a lender, we have several trusted lenders that we have worked with in the past that include big banks and direct lenders. We will gladly provide you a list of quality lenders, or if you prefer to let us handle the details, simply give us permission to schedule a meeting with an appropriate lender on your behalf, think of us as your personal assistant in this part of the process.

4. McBride & Associates is a technology friendly and virtual based real estate team. We are not limited by the constraints of a single office facility and can go anywhere in California.  We will do everything we can to accommodate you and to make the relocation process as effortless as possible thought the use of web tools, property videos, and even digital signatures.

5. We will also have a list of preferred vendors that can assist you during your move in California. If you need contract work done on your new property we can over see that, if you need someone to clean your home we have a vendor for that.  We can also assist you in scheduling a mover if you need.   We have a list of vendors for our clients that we trust and work with frequently, from gardeners, general contractors, HVAC repair, and plumbers, that will do top quality work.

Here at McBride & Associates is not just about buying and selling homes; we offer this relocation service to help you during this process.  Having someone on the other end of your move who understands the area and your needs is our goal.

In Justin’s corporate career he relocated multiple times.  At one point, he even relocated 5 times in 5 years, so he is very sensitive to the what happens when you are relocated and may not know another soul on the other end beyond people you work with.

Call us today @ 909-235-8175 to talk about your upcoming relocation.