“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”

– Joseph Campbell

What defines a hero?  At McBride & Associates, we believe that a hero is someone who is willing to make the necessary sacrifices every day for the greater good of others.  We are also firm believers that there are heroes among us right here in our own neighborhoods.  That is why we have gone through the rigorous process of obtaining our accreditation through SoCal Hero Homes.

McBride & Associates is a proud member of the SoCal Hero Homes program that provides rebates to our local heroes during the home buying or selling process.  The team is made up of qualified local real estate experts who are dedicated to providing real rebates and discounts from our commissions to our own community heroes.

Our Heroes look like this

  • Active Military Personnel & Veterans 
  • Law Enforcement Officers including:
    Sheriff, Police, Parole, Probation, Correctional Officers, and Federal Agents
  • Firefighters including:
    EMT’s, Paramedics & First Responders,
  • Lifeguards
  • 911 Dispatchers
  • Educators including:
    Teachers (Public & Private) and Principals
  • Medical Professionals including:
    Medical Doctors & Nurses (RN, LVN)
SoCal hero Homes & McBride & Associates Team Up Image

What are the savings?

The savings will depend on the purchase price of the home.  As as example, on the purchase of a $500,000 home, the “Hero” could receive over $5,500 in credits and discounts from all of the affiliates involved.

At McBride & Associates, our number one goal as a member of SoCal Hero Homes is to not only make the dream of home ownership a reality, but also to put tangible dollars back in your wallet.  It is our way of saying, “Thank You for Your Service.”

We understand confidentiality as we come from a Law Enforcement household, so if you have concerns about the safety of your family, be relieved that we will always keep that in the front of our minds.  We directly service all of Southern California with the program, so never think you are to far away for us to service you correctly.

To learn more about the program please feel free to reach out to us today @ (909)235-8175 or visit: www.socalherohomes.com

If you would like flyers to distribute in your workplace, please let us know and we will have them printed for your group and delivered.

Thank you for your Service,

-Justin & Taryn McBride